Judicial Watch ‘Backdoor Amnesty Survey and Two Solutions’

The captioned survey has been answered and returned.  Except for raising funds, Judicial Watch is whistling Dixie.  The solution to the illegals is not a one-does it all cure.  It is going to take three parts: Assimilation for those who’ll make good citizens; expel the undesirables, and throw out the radical La Raza who ignore the Constitution and preach claiming America is Mexico’s land grand Southwest as belonging to Mexico.

If Judicial Watch puts for the solution, it jerks the rug from under Obama’s ‘Back-door Amnesty” move.  He has done what any good Communist dictator would do with Obama-Care, and also is doing so with Cap and Trade through the EPA to destroy America’s energy industry.  One cannot trust anything he says.  He is centered on finishing the socialization of America and delivering Her to the U.N.’s global government.  There is a solution for him, his cabal of Communists, and all their ‘useful idiots’.

Start ‘talking up’ amending the Constitution as suggested by TCF.  It is the solution for America’s anti-American, Constitution destroying foreign ideologists internal war.  When this solution is on the tongue of every Patriotic American, America’s internal enemy in Her midst is on the defensive and on the way out.  The suggested amendment not only makes America’s Traitors subject to prosecution for Treason, but includes the radical La Raza’s, and the Muslim Brotherhood who have already stated they intend to make America a Muslim nation.

Judicial Watch is not on ‘Watch’.  Trying to get Congress to do what they have proven hey won’d do is an endless circle.  An end run around the committee that won’t act leaves the door wide open for Judicial Watch to move and SAVE AMERICA!  America is for Americans!  Start making it so again!

Toby Elster


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