Reply to Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

“A Tale of Two States” came to my attention.  It’s ‘Public Affairs’, of which I realize there are numerous of those organizations, can be so accurate with their analysis, yet absolutely ignore what caused them to be, — the WHY!  It takes tons of persuasion to get the message through heads, and then run into a brick wall to get much to change.

The Constitutional Foundation ran into that in 2003 when, from it’s researching our ‘what went wrong with America’, rand into an impermeable wall trying to expose what went wrong.  Not even telling the people, you don’t know about the socialization of America because the knowledge was kept from you and out of the media by censorship, would not open a mind.  So TCF adopted the enemy’s in America’s midst methods, and moved with an end-run and exposed the socialization of America in four years.  Just in time for the coming of Obama’s cabal, who today demonstrate to Americans what Socialism is.  It also stands in America’s ‘public affairs’ way.

So TCF moves to the solution for America’s ideological destructive problems.  Economics and taxes are a human’s vital necessity to what they crave.  They used to be protected by laws until America’s enemy in Her midst, who attack the economy through taxing, ignore or undermine the laws to attain their ends of destroying America’s foundation, the Constitution.

The solution to America’s anti-American problem is amending the Constitution.  That message must be on the tongues of every Patriotic American if the OCPA’s efforts are going to break through the brick walls of the enemy and their bought dupes.  For OCPA to accomplish it’s mission, America is going to have to be saved! For America’s sake, join in!

Toby Elster


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