To Rep. Jeff Flake

Dear Congressman Flake:

I’ll bet you had fun with your name growing up.  That was my experience as only mules were named Toby then.  On a personal note, I’m no stranger to Arizona.  I traveled Arizona ‘highways’ when they weren’t all paved and a bridge out meant fording a creek.  My raising was 60 miles west of Yuma.  We had relatives in Tucson and Phoenix.  As cousins spread, sideways and up or down, somehow we tied in with the Goldwaters.  I learned to fly, pre-military, over the Arizona desert, near Yuma and Kingman, before there was an I-40 or the Kingman Air Force Base.  Enough of that.

Americanism has overtaken my profession of exploring for oil and gas.  Why should be obvious to all Congressmen.  But that really started in 1970 when I discovered America had an Enemy Within Her midst, undermining Americanism for a horrible foreign ideology.

Thank you for the note on State Policy Network (April 11, 2011).  I’m familiar with the SPN and their efforts.  They do a lot of good, and as you stated, “And they get results.”  That the Constitutional Foundation challenges as NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!  Look where America’s enemy within resides, and the Conservative organizations have been trying to stop that for 60 years now.

As a friendly bet, say a wild cow in the Arizona forest, that if the Constitutional Foundation had $60 million, not annually, there would be no George Soros’s in America, the cabal of Communists would either shut up, change their anti-American beliefs, or be doing at least 25 years as the Traitors they are, for Treason!

With less than one-half of one months pay from a Congressman, The Constitutional Foundation, in four years, accomplished part of it’s goal — exposing the Socialization of America, and then you could not find an America who knew America was being socialized.  That was the first step necessary to a solution to America’s foreign ideological problems.

For America’s sake, inform your constituents of the solution to destroy America’s foreign ideological enemy.  Destroy is a must or they will be back. Thank you

Toby Elster


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