To the New American

The Constitutional Foundation, created to expose the socialization of America, which it accomplished in four years with the cooperation of editors of the Conservative media, including the excellent help of the New American (2003-2007), enters the debate of the call for a Constitutional Convention.  TCF agrees with the New American that the Center for Constitutional Government of the Goldwater Institute has mis-stepped (as is set out in Joe Wolverton II, J.D.’s two articles in Constitution Corner of The New American, April 4 & 10, 2011).  The Goldwater Institute has totally underestimated America’s enemy within Her midst.

Dr. Wolverton states, “our Republic would be left vulnerable to destructive forces inimical to our Constitution.”  That is ad understatement!  With over 40 years of researching the minds of ‘our enemies of our Republic’, we maintain that the greatest pushers for a Constitutional Convention are America’s enemies in Her midst.  If they are powerful enough to get a Communist into the White House, they will certainly end up taking over any Constitutional Convention!  Ask yourself, if America existed for 225 years without a Convention, WHY ONE NOW?  The enemy is found in every facet of our society, and the Constitution stands in their way of attaining their objective of a global government, of which America is a must.

“Constitutional Remedy:  Enforce the Constitution” is good advice.  TCF has as good or better solution.  Get rid of America’s enemies of our Republic who destroy the Constitution.  TCF advocates amending the Constitution’s Article III, Section 3, definition of Treason to make America’s Constitution-destroyers the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  Then there would not be a need for a Constitutional Convention!

Toby Elster


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