WSJ Response 4/21/11

“The Death of Right to Work” editorial states, “But it looks like his (Obama’s) appointees are determined to impose it (his union agenda) by regulatory fiat — no matter the damage to investment and job creation.”  Is that any different that they do for all that Obama is determined to accomplish?  For instance, such as ObamaCare, shut down fossil fuel production, et al to accomplish their socialist agenda for America.  You know, his “change”.

I’ve been a member of the Right to Work Committee since the 1970’s, when I joined to find out what went wrong with America.  Those were the union days of make work such as featherbedding, etc and cutting their own throats.  Wisconsin says the unions haven’t changed much except now they fleece the taxpayers after destroying their jobs or sending them overseas.  But there is a solution to the problems unions cause America’s economy and society.

Along with the Right to Work States and the Right to Work law in Congress, repealing the Wagner Act (1935) which gave the union hierarchy a monopoly over the workers; join, pay dues, or no jobs.  (That is where their money came from to actually buy our government and shifted the people’s power over their elected to special interests).  There is no reason unions can not be voluntary membership organizations like all the other American organizations are.  Company unions would come to be which would be an advantage for both the workers and the company.

Toby Elster


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