Military Magazine May 2011

The Publisher wrote, “Let’s hear from you!”, so here it goes!  As I took time out to read Military from awakening the Vet’s organizations to America’s enemy in our midst destroying the Constitution for their world government.  The same ones who were the instigators named in Roger Canfield’s ‘Comrades in Arms’ ‘ Cast of Characters’ and for your comments in the captioned, lambasting the Department of State’s role in the Vietnam War.

It is all part of the ‘untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century’.  Two words on the background — believe it, it is verifiable — in bits and pieces.  The socializers of America, through our education system, were the Fabians.  The high and mighty, for a global government, were the ‘pushers and promoters’ for it.  These guys first ‘patsy’ was the ‘no war’ Woodrow Wilson.  They were known as Progressives, to hide their socialism.

In the 1920’s the ‘moles’ for the high and mighty got control of the Foreign Department of the State Department.  They were still there.  In 1945, FDR gave them their world headquarters, the United Nations.  Patsy number three, Truman, the reason America has an internal war against Her Constitution-destroying foreign ideologicals, for ignoring his Oath of Office and not cleaning up the Communist and Soviet speies mess FDR left him.  He would have got the Socialists too!  It would have been the end of Socialism in America!

The U.N. is a very anti-American Constitution-destroyer since America prevents their global government (so far).  They will not destroy a dictatorship (except Gaddafi, who evidently they can’t manage) because they need highly centralized governed nations which the U.N. can manipulate.  AND LBJ turned the policy of the Vietnam War over to his ‘whiz kids’ (civilian advisors) who were all U.N. one-worlders.  They had no intentions to win the war or destroy the North — why America hasn’t won a war since the U.N. came to be, except under Reagan.  These are the top of Dr. Canfield’s ‘Cast of Characters’ and why the Vietnam War turned into the mess it became.  The U.N. outed it’s true objective during the War — to create a global government!

Toby Elster


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