The Lion’s Club International & U.N. tie

The Constitutional Foundation is not aware of what ILC President Scruggs did with the papers that were sent a few months ago, but consider this a follow-up.

I served in two of America’s wars to protect America’s way of life, Her Americanism.  When I researched out what went wrong with America, that the people did not know or were never told the political history of America’s 20th Century, uncovering an anti-American foreign ideology in America’s midst, undermining and destroying all America stands for; Her foundation, the Constitution and the Founder’s principles for the enemy within’s Socialism, now I was madder than when I was on active duty facing America’s foreign enemies.

The research to uncover America’s enemy within was screened, checked, and fit a chain of events to make sure we moved with the truths.  In four years (2003-2007), TCF exposed the Socialization of America.  Never once was that challenged during and after the exposure.  Even the Wall Street Journal picked up on it.

The LCI’s promoting the U.N.’s Peace Poster Contests is as un-American indoctrination of children’s minds to the U.N.’s worldview.  “Children Know Peace” is a lie!  Not the false ‘Peace’ of the U.N.  Read the LCI’s Constitution and By Laws concerning political and religious topics and the ILC.  Your United States of America hs no business or authority to be a NGO to the U.N., let along promoting the U.N.’s propaganda for a global world.  AND ESPECIALLY TO CHILDREN!!!  Is that what the LCI is there for?!?  To promote the United Nation’s anti-American views?  But that is exactly what the LCI’s Headquarter staff in Oak Brook does!

We must see to it that the LCI lives up to the LCI’s Constitution and By-Laws and part, at least, the U.S.A. from the U.N.

For America’s Sake

Toby Elster


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