To the MOAA

‘Protecting the Flag’, Commander A.E. Norton’s letter (Military Officer, May 2011) has more support, and the previous writers, that an amendment against burning the flag would be an effort of futility, and would be ‘taking police state’ amendments into the Constitution’ distracting from the Constitution’s power of principles.

I grew up when the patriotism of America was such that no one dare desecrate the flag.  It would bring down the wrath of being ostracized on themselves.  The flag stood strong in every school and sometimes in the rooms.

That patriotism needs to be brought back to the society to protect America from the penetration of any foreign ideology along with stopping the flag being desecrated.  Patriotism deteriorated, commencing in 1950, when America’s educations Socialists took over the National Education Association and turned it into a teacher’s union.  Education began to be dumbed down, sans Americanism, for the worldview of multiculturalism and a world with no borders.

As usual, a solution is easy to state.  Education is something else.  The patriotic teachers need to take back their NEA and the Department of Education, and restore the teaching of Americanism.  Putting teeth in the Oath of Office that ‘bite’ would help too.  Except for the military, too few of our elected honor their oath any more!

Toby Elster

Retired USAF Captain


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