To the National Rifle Association (May 2011)

In America’s 1st Freedom (May 2011), Mr. Schmeits wrote, “It’s our duty to demand that our elected officials respect and defend the fredoms our Constitution guarentees.”  The Constitutional Foundation says, ‘Amen’!

But when one considers those we must depend on, who don’t even respect their Oath of Office to defend and protect the Constitution, it leaves a wide open omission in the Constitution to protect itself.  It is going to take more than even replacing them, since that has been tried time and time again, with very little, if not worse, results.  It is going to take more, and a more sure way to protect the Constitution, the Second Amendment, and the peoples’ freedoms and rights.  That sure way The Constitutional Foundation has come up with.  It does what the NRA has not been doing, considering today’s anti-American moles who have wormed their way into our governing bodies, undermining America’s foundation and destroying the Constitution; not watching our backsides or the foundation America stands on.  In that regard, TCF informs the Veteran Organizations’ watchdogs that they are sleeping on guard duty.  To win this internal war, Patriots must be awakened.

The first thing that has to be done to move to amend the Constitution is to awaken Patriotic Americans.  The NRA should inform it’s membership, for America’s sake.  When the solution to America’s evil enemies in Her midst becomes common knowledge, the enemy is on the defensive and on the way out.  Patriotic America will see to putting America back on the path the Founders created for Her and on the road to peace and prosperity once again!

Toby Elster


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