American Oil & Gas Reporter

In 1970, after disovering that America had an enemy in Her midst, and in government’s seats of power and control whose intent is of the worse of humans, to destroy the Constitution and socialize America into the United Nations’ one-world government, my curiosity said, “What Went Wrong?”  I moved to fin out.  Americans are unaware of this Fascism of Socialism because the news of it’s coming and success has been withheld from them.  While cultural creep has erased the patriotism that used to hold it in check.  So the gathering storm against the EPA’s environmental dictates becomes a must.

I have no qualms or comments of the National Energy Report of Marc D. Maddox or the Environmental Report of Sue Cluff, except to point out they are the consequences of the Evil of the wannabe world rulers activity in the United States.  These Fascists of Socialism and Communism use all means to attain their ends.  The truths and laws mean nothing to them.  Take making CO2 a pollutant after their other lies were exposed to scare people with their lies of green house gases, whatever that is supposed to mean.  What controls climate change is water vapor, the major component in the atmosphere.  Yet, in the face of the purloined e-mails of Copenhagen fame, they continue their scare tactics with CO2, which in a recent book, “The Global Warming Deception…” by Grant R. Jeffreys, says CO2 is 0.0391 percent of the atmosphere gases.  Of that, only 3% is man contributed CO2, which amounts to 0.00001173 parts of the atmosphere gases.  Just enough to keep the life cycle of the planet in balance?  And these insane of Socialism cause they spending of trillions of dollars to stop fossil fuels from being used which they say pollutes the air.  Why?  Because their agenda is not the environment, but political.  To change the society they have to destroy what exists first.


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