Constitutional Amendment or Constitutional Convention

A Constitutional Amendment or a Constitutional Convention?  Why the confusion?  But there is a lot.  That occurs because one does not understand the subject while they keep their mind muddled with their own thoughts and only hear a voice but not what is said.

An Amendment is a simple addition or change to an Article or previously enacted Amendment that gets approved by two-thirds of both the House and Senate.  (It does not require the President’s approval).  Then it must be ratified by three-fourths (38 States) in 7 years (unless extended by Congress).

For example:  The Constitutional Foundation advocates amending Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution to add (not change) to the definition of Treason to give the Constitution the means to protect itself from those who move to destroy it.  The amendment will also give We, the people, the means to guard and defend their freedoms, rights, private property and Rule of Law through the rule of law.

A Convention is to review and make changes or either nullify parts or all of the Constitution.  Those who favor a Convention say it cane be controlled to specific Articles or Amendments.  History says that a Convention would be like an unstable jar of nitroglycerin that can blow everything to smithereens.  America’s High & Mighty would move for a global government under the United Nations.  Believe it or not, but it’s true, they influence our lawmakers, and are capable of stacking the Convention to their beliefs.  (That is the Socialist’s way of attaining their ends against the people’s will.)

Under different circumstances of no enemy of destruction involved, it was also the tactic used to get the Constitution for America.  In 1785, the Articles of Confederation were dysfunctional since it could not levy taxes.  The conference was called to correct the Articles of Confederation accomplished nothing, so in 1787 a Convention was called to do the job.  Unaware to all but a few, James Madison and a handful had already drafted what turned out to be the Constitution.  It was put to the Convention immediately and the Articles of Confederation were never mentioned.  America got a Constitution that gave the people control — until the High & Mighty came and undermined the people’s power. That is what could happen if a Constitutional Convention is called.

Don’t play with unstable nitroglycerin!  No Constitutional Convention!  Never as long as America has an anti-American enemy in Her midst!

Toby Elster


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