Food for Action

W. James Antle III, Associate Editor of the American Spectator, the lead author answering the question posed in the May 2011 American Spectator stated,

‘The Culture (American) is awash in the raw sewage of vulgarity and avarice.  The family is shattered.  The average American cannot articulate why marriage is not a unisex institution.  One baby in three is born out of wedlock. Another million per year are snuffed out in the womb.  We are bound by no common faith or culture.  Mass immigration, much of it illegal, without accompanying assimilation may deprive us of a common language.

Our political leaders, many of them preening, squabbling, and petty, have proved inept at meeting these challenges…But it is hard to avoid the conclusion that they United States remains three people away from democratic success.  The three are Washington, Madison, and Marshall.’

The Constitutional Foundation can deliver those three statesmen with your help.  Amend Article III, Section 3, the definition of Treason, to make those who destroy the Constitution, the traitors they are, punishable for Treason, and those Founder’s principles will arise again.  America cannot win it’s internal war as long as the enemy is in our midst!  And the enemy is responsible for what editor Antle set out about the sewage of American culture today.

WHY SO MANY NUTS IN GOVERNMENT who gives us our ‘nanny’ feel good laws that always turned out to be counterproductive with opposite consequences.  Because we drive them into government.  No competitive company will give them a job so the only place they can turn to is government jobs!

Toby Elster


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