Quotes from Ron Paul’s Latest Book, ‘Liberty Defined’

On ‘Medical Care’:  “The prevailing attitude of the American people is that everyone has a right to medical care.  That is an intellectual error…The supposed right to medical care only is guaranteed at other’s expense.  The transfer can only be arrange by force.  This creates oppressive bureaucracies, encourages overutilization of resources, and leads to technological stagnation and inevitably to rationing and deprivation.”  “It is true that everyone has a right to pursue medical care without being hindered by government policies.  But that is the system we have today.”

“We…live in an age where the currect system is being challenged by philosophic and practical reasons.  It’s failure is becoming more evident every day.  There have been plenty of agitators and reformers for decades…. Fortunately, their voices are growing louder and there’s reason to be hopeful that our times will prompt a sea change on American’s understanding of what the role of government ought to be.”

Amen, says The Constitutional Foundation, but don’t sit around waiting for it to happen.  A sure cure is amending the Constitution’s definition of Treason to make those Paul wrote of as “the current system is being challenged for philosophic and practical reasons.”  Are America’s anti-American Socialists forcing their foreign ideology onto independent and patriotic Americans?

And under the New America’s Education section (May 9,2011) is headlined, “Groomed for Globalism”.  “To fulfill the internationalist agenda, college students of diplomacy and international relations are indoctrinated to be the globalist one-world leaders of tomorrow.”  “Indoctrinated by globalist professors, students are taught to put the interest of the “global community” ahead of the national interest.”  And that required destroying the Constitution to be replaced by the United Nation’s international constitution.  Their ‘buzz words’ are “Human Security” instead of ‘rights’; not ‘global government’ but ‘global governance’.  It all adds up to a Global dictatorship under the failed disasters of Marxist Socialism, which is never mentioned by these global Socialists.

Toby Elster


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