The Washington Times (May 16, 2011)

What a jolting, informative allusion that there are Jews offended by the “‘aggressive’ Israelis who understand what’s at stake in the Middle East”, and that they’d cede Israel to the Arabs of Islam and Terrorism’s beliefs.  “A Come-to Moses Moment at Hand” article by Wesley Prudent, in the May 16th TWT National Weekly.  I’m aware that probably 70% of the Jews vote Democratic, and 98% of those would kiss the hand that would slay them, but that there are such as the Jewish Federation who move to undo Israel is as traitorous as Truman was to America.  Send them to Israel?

It’s the misrepresentation of Harry S. Truman’s smiling picture who Prudent says, “a President fully at ease with the truth character of the country he leads.”  Possibly, and even if he supported the formation of Israel state, behind that smile is one of America’s greatest traitors of disloyalty.  For what he didn’t do and for what he did do, as he discredited his Oath of Office.

If Truman had cleaned up the mess of American Communists, spies and anti-Americans that FDR left him, he’d of stopped the socialization of America too!  And the likes of Obama wouldn’t have even gotten in sight of the White House.  Instead, he vilified a Senator, Joe McCarthy, who was trying to tell the people the truths of what FDR did undermining America’s foundation.  That is unforgivable, even if he was a leader that America needs today — but one that is a patriotic American honoring the Oath of Office — to protect the Constitution!

Toby Elster


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