‘To Big to Win’ reply to Mark Steyn

‘The U.S. should seriously rethink it’s way of making war’, (NR June 6,2011) is a commendable review of America’s wars of the 20th Century, but Steyn should have gone to Chapter 2 also.  That is where the answer to why America ‘can’t win wars anymore’ is found.  Then some of the semantics are bad.  The soldiers in the field win the wars.  It’s the politician overseers who blow the victories.  It’s why that answer the question.

America never lost a war until Harry Truman blew the Korean victory.  So what changed?

FDR, who Truman succeeded after FDR’s death in April 1945, gave the world’s wannabe rulers, the world’s greatest socialists, the United Nations.  He was one of them.  With Truman, the U.N. has been influencing America’s foreign policy under every President except three; Eisenhower, Reagan, and W. Bush’s first term.  The worst was LBJ & Carter.  Johnson let his ‘whiz kids’, under McNamara, all globalists, conduct the Vietnam War.  So what is it with the U.N.?

To understand their mentality, study the European Union, the U.N.’s operation arm.  The U.N., created as usual for Socialists, with lies, wasn’t for the place where international companies could iron out their differences, but as a headquarters for their dreamed of global government.  For that they need highly centralized governed nations who can be manipulated.  They despise Americans for their independence and refusal to bend to their beliefs.  Since it is impossible to change a socialist’s mind, they move forward in any way they can.  They do not want America to destroy any dictorial nations that support them.  Consequently, the results of the Korean and Vietnam War; why Carter disposed of the Shaw, a believer in democracy; and ad nausea traitors the people elect to look after their affairs.

The U.N. supports the Brotherhood in Egypt because they have no influence over the Arab Nation’s leaders, hoping for better results.  Should the Brotherhood be successful, create a Muslim world with a caliph and sharia law, they’ll dig mass graves for their ‘friends’ in Brussels and Turtle Bay.

Toby Elster


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