Wall Street Journal Response (May 25,2011)

As one who has been aware of the history of the two principles during their lifetime in the oil and gas business, “Big Dogs of the Oil Patch Tangle Over Gas Subsidies” and “Professors to Koch Brothers:  Take Your Green Back”, the Wall Street Journal, May 25,2011, their arguments are factual, but T. Boone Pickens is off the best track.  The industry was well organized, efficient, and delivered as promised to the public from the structure that it build to do so.  Not until the politicians, who took the Color Blind Greens, took their money and delivered their agenda of alternate fuels caused things to muddle what was.

T. Boone, if he’d spent his $80 million informing the public that alternate fuels will never deliver America’s growing need for energy (electricity) and stopped the waste of trillions of dollars, things would be better for him and the people.  Only natural gas and nuclear can fill the growing need for energy and the chemicals that industry requires.  Trucks and autos run very efficiently on diesel and gasoline.  Nature cleans up what little they pollute anymore. (Something the Color Blind Green’s will never admit to.)

As for the professors who are upset over the Koch’s money being spent to straighten out the government (to run as efficiently as their industries do), the author of the article, Donald Luskin, said it well enough.  I doubt if the Wall Street Journal would print the way I’d of addressed the CBG professors.

Toby Elster


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