‘Mending Our Monetary Maladies’ The New American

Out of a personal interest, I comment on Mr. McManus’ interview on the captioned of Dr. Vieira.  One doesn’t research the answers to ‘what went wrong with America’ and discover the unknown and untold (to the public) of the political history of treason, traitors, and sedition by those elected to represent them, that makes up America’s 20th Century of censored news by the mass media.  Which has led to the undermining of America’s foundation — Her Constitution and Rule of Law.  I noticed in the interview that it didn’t mention any of the ‘under currents’ of the events that occurred in the interest of ‘self-serving’ creations such as the Federal Reserve System.  It was Mr. McManus who wrote that the idea for the America’s central bank came from Lord Rothschild in an early 20th century meeting with John D. Rockefeller!  His Lordship explained to John D. the advantages of a central bank and it also became a way for European bankers to get into America’s taxpayers pockets.  So, America got the Federal Reserve.

Then Mr. McManus made a final comment to Dr. Vieira, “what you describe is uncomplicated and quite simple.”  That would be true for maybe the 5% of people who understand it.  It’s the other 95% who have to be convinced of which 25% to 50% who always vote, follow the High and Mighty, as their dupes & useful idiots who fill their heads with misinformation, lies and their propaganda.  Which is saying those with the truths and common sense have to find better ways to get their message out.

Dr. Vieira mentioned that the Federal Reserve Banks should not be voided all at once.  Which is good advice as there are other good reasons then what was mentioned.  As noted, today the people can use gold and silver for currency, as awkward as it is.  Perhaps there is another way to move into the double currency as stated with an intermediate step.  A step which won’t interrupt the current fiat serve note, but turn it into a semi-fiat note by putting a base under it.  A base that would limit the amount of currency in circulation, determined by how much is needed to run a sound economy.

I set the method out, but only as an example, and may not be realistic.  If America’s GDP is $1Trillion, and to run the economy takes currency in circulation of 20% of the GDP.  Add in 25% of that in circulation as a reserve for unforseen circumstances, and the total amount of currency of $250B is the limit that can be printed.  As the GDP changes, the amount of printed money changes too accordingly.  That is the base for the fiat money that puts a more or less stable value on it.  If the limits are observed, that should take much of the volatility out of today’s fiat money.  The next step could be the double system of Dr. Vieira’s, that would stop fiat money and put a solid base under currency.  Just what the doctor ordered to keep the High and Mighty from stealing the value of money at the people’s expense.

Thank you for the article.  Now to get the money watchers to move on the idea, while I move to rid America of Her enemy within our midst.  Getting rid of them won’t be a direct advantage to move against our monetary maladies, but it would create a country moving on a culture of truths and common sense again.  That should make enacting sensible and working issues much easier.

Toby Elster


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