Open Letter to John Bolton

Since Obama is doing such a great job of making socialism common knowledge, TCF has moved to a solution to get rid of the likes of Obamas.  I’m also ex-military and use their theories to destroy America’s enemy in our midst.  As the military knows, if you do not destroy the enemy, the enemy will destroy you.  And that is why James Antle III, associate editor of The American Spectator, in his companion item with John Bolton addressing “Is America In Decline?”  stated that American culture is ‘awash in raw sewage…”  And I believe that we both know that it is socialism that destroys American culture.

The other principle for winning wars as a must is that it cannot be done with an enemy in one’s midst — or camp, as the military phrases it.  That is why America has ended up with an administration full of (and I do call them Communists for a good reason) and a Congress of others, half full of useful idiots.  And those that do fight have been ineffective for 60 years now.

The suggested solution to America’s enemies of a foreign ideology is a permanent solution.  This can be accomplished when patriotic Americans, who care, are awakened to why and how America got socialized.  We must amend the Constitution to define those who move against the Constitution as traitors!

I assume you have abandoned your pursuit of being President — at least for 2012.  That is disappointing, but I assume just as well.  You’ve already experienced the hatred of the enemy for conservatives and it does seem pointless to get the treatment of McCarthy, Goldwater, George W. Bush (not for lying but for speaking the truth about the globalist’s U.N.), and several organizations that became too influential telling the people the truth.  Getting rid of America’s enemy in our midst will nullify that.

It was with the perseverance and persistence that the exposing of the socialization of America was exposed.  It is with perseverance and persistence that the suggested amendment is being made common knowledge to a handful of Congressmen, Conservative organizations, Tea Party’ers, and Veteran organizations.  And we have gotten positive encouragement from a few responses.  Is there any doubt that it won’t help considerably, if common knowledge, by the 2012 election?  Furthermore, when it is, it will put the enemy of foreign ideology on the defensive — and on the way out.  Then patriotic America will restore America back to the Founder’s principles!

For America’s Sake,

Toby Elster


One thought on “Open Letter to John Bolton

  1. Honorable John Bolton,

    The possibility of you running for President gives me a sense of hope. You
    have proven over the years to be a person of integrity, strength, courage and
    no nonsense. You more than qualify. I believe you will be able to provide the simple dignity needed to regain respect for the USA.
    I am a former candidate to the Pennsylvania State Senate and I would be delighted to work to see you elected.

    Our COUNTRY NEEDS YOU Sir. I pray you will soon declare.

    Kindest regards,
    La Wanda A. Ritenour

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