To The American Spectator Foundation

At a small group discussion last Saturday morning, I was asked what the public’s reaction was to FDR’s confiscation of the gold.  I replied that occurred in 1933, four years after the ‘crash’ and the people were too far immersed in their own problems to worry about what FDR did, even if they had any gold left.  Had times been normal, FDR might have been impeached, had the word gotten out that he was a full-blossomed Fabian Socialist.

Then came Truman, as good a traitor as America has had.  He could have put an end to America’s socialization (and prevented current events) had he cleaned up the mess of spies, communists, and socialists that FDR left him.  Instead, he vilified Sen. McCarthy, who was trying to tell the people the truth about FDR.

And so forth, ad nausea, ad repugnance, ad loathing, ad abhorrence. ad admonition, ad abject, ad all the nouns of disgust, coming from today’s events and urgency, actually from even prior to FDR.  America’s foundation, Her Constitutional principles, have been undermined for the past 111 years, and not an effective solution arising from the beltway.  Not with an enemy in their midst.

No, we don’t deny that Obama is the worst, that times are critical, but even with the Tea Party backlash, we don’t see any solutions put forth that will solve America’s internal, anti-American foreign ideology, problems that the high and mighty have allowed to take over the Administration — except those put forth by The Constitutional Foundation.  We speak from results and the knowledge that it is a must to get the anti-American Socialists out of our midst before any solution is possible.  Hasn’t the Spectator proved it?

The P.S. in the ***URGENT*** Express-Gram states that ‘The American Spectator has been combating the liberal establishment (why Liberal when they are Socialists? — call them what they are instead of using the semantics that America’s socialized media hides them under and allows them an open road of treason) for over 40 years.  Have you ever thought about where America has gone in those 40 years?  TCF did, researched America’s internal enemy to determine who, why, how, and their weakness to find a solution to America’s foreign ideology problem.  Against expert advise who said it couldn’t be done, TCF exposed the socialization of America in a mere four years, 2003-2007.  In 2008, the Wall Street Journal was writing editorials and publishing articles on the socialism in America.  It didn’t just happen.  Nothing does.  There is always a reason or a cause.

TCF does not look in mirrors.  We know what we’ll see.  Behind the mirrors we see America slipping further and further and deeper into a socialist mess and misery.  The editors who aided TCF in it’s four year efforts are not there anymore.  Their replacements are void of vision.  Their publication pages are full of socialism and today’s events, but not a word of a solution for America’s internal problem except what hasn’t been effective for over 60 years.

You may believe that only stupid people reside out here, think the stage coaches are in use, but what TCF has experienced with the ‘kings’ of the beltway, the answers are here for America’s future of Her Founders.  People say that amending the Constitution is not possible.  They are certainly right if one doesn’t try!  Let’s take this fight to them!

Toby Elster


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