Clinton Ahead of Reagan? – The Washington Times June 6, 2011

There’s a lot more to the captioned article that the minds that address the subject need more information about the unknown and untold political history of America’s 20th Century of traitors and treason to understand why some of the ‘experts’ miss the target completely.  My sentiments are those of Gil Troy and Pro. Joseph Uscinski.  They have it right, but failed to say why the ‘experts’ conclusions are wrong.   Most likely, they are void of the untold lies and deception.  Joan Hoff is the one who missed the reason for her ratings.  Wilson and FDR were Socialist traitors and darlings of America’s socialized media.  They are not biased, they serve the greats of the movement and censor the untold.  They are the darlings of the media, as is Obama.  Truman, for other reasons, who was not a Socialist, abetted them.  He was one of America’s great traitors serving self-interest.

Goldwater (who the media creamed with all their dirty tricks), Reagan (who they couldn’t stop and did damage control on), and George W. Bush (who got the world’s socialized media’s wrath to destroy him because he didn’t follow his father’s new world order, instead vilified their citadel of control, the U.N., during his first term.  Not because he lied, but because they couldn’t control him) never get any consideration from the media and the untolds.  History seeps out some truths, but I’ve never noticed, until the Conservative media came into being, what is behind it.  The reasons are still the untold and unknown.

Rating the Presidents, commencing with Wilson is a frivolous, but not entirely meaningless undertaking.  Not until the truths of the presidents’ actions and beliefs are known, will it establish an honest rating as to what they did for America!

Toby Elster


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