‘Let’s Finish the Job’ National Conservative Campaign Fund

The Constitutional Foundation definitely agrees that finishing the job against the liberal/socialists is a must.  But throwing a bunch of liberal/socialist Democrats out won’t get the entire results that Patriotic Americans crave.  That is only the first step.

Concerning elections: Inform the candidates to stay off what the Socialists brand ‘conservative, radical right-wing.’  The Conservatives should ignore their opponents and stick with the issues: the economy, jobs, reign in government spending.  That is why Reid is still the senator from Nevada. Mrs. Angle scared the people.  By the time the media got through hammering her, she lost a lot of ground and in turn, the election.

TCF does not have to remind the NCC who controls, with their ideological captured useful idiots, through their influence, secrecy, control of the media, and bought politicians, the government.  The job will not be finished until they are gone, destroyed into ineffectiveness.  The Conservatives have only pecked away with a partial, temporary solution.  That must change to convince the public there is a real solution to America’s foreign ideology problems.

The military knows a war cannot be won with an enemy in their camp — operating in their midst.  America is in an internal war with an enemy in Her midst who use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution, just as they ignore the rule of law. NCCF fights that war as the Patriotic vs the foreign ideologists of Socialism and Communism.  America’s administration is in the hands of communists, supported by those in academia, throughout the society and millions of brainwashed useful idiots of the same mixture.  The solution must keep them from coming back.

The Patriotic need a solution for America that eliminates the foreign ideologist permanently.  That solution is to amend the definition of Treason in our Constitution!  Thank you


Toby Elster


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