The American Oil & Gas Reporter 6/13/11

It is not new news to us, “Promoting Pain at the Pump” The New American (June 6,2011), but it is a great summation covering the industry’s political problems.  Our real problem is that the public can’t absorb it as a reality, stating what is behind it our “liberal” (socialist) media address us as ‘right wing nuts’ — partly to keep what they are doing to our gas and oil prices secret!

What is behind it is, it is being done on purpose.  Recall Obama’s ‘change’.  That ‘change’ was socialism for America.  We knew it but all that is being done is more of the ‘change’.  All that the administration does or proposes is part of the ‘change’.  To destroy America’s might and resolve to make America subservient is their global government objective.  I do call Obama and his cabal of servants Communists (but know better to try and have it published).  They have accomplished what they have using the same methods of Stalin & Lenin, except they don’t execute (with a bullet) their opposition.

America in not in a Democrat v. Republican fight.  We are in a Patriotic v Socialist war!


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