Family Events – Human Events

This assignment is as important as any problem America faces today — and very few even know why, not even why it rose it’s ugly head.  That was a problem Americans handled themselves.  Why the change?  Or without that knowledge, it is all but impossible to address the problem of families in America beyond putting band aids on it.  Then there are many in America who do not wish that “Family Events” get addressed.  And the active ones will hinder your efforts.  Which says, that besides informing the readers, the problem needs addressing as a cancer is.  It needs cutting out at the roots.  Hopefully, I’m not mentioning something you are not aware of.  It is mentioned because Family is a broad assignment, which most times gets addressed as patches, when, since Family is the roots for many patches, cutting the problem off at the roots takes care of many patches.  Politicians treat Family as nothing but needing band aids.  This letter attempts to introduce Editor Marybeth Hicks to the roots so they are not forgotten.  It is schools and children’s education, which sooner than we realize, are many of the patches coming from the root.  And our schools are the cause of much of what is wrong.

The deterioration of the Family arises from the minds of America’s anti-American foreign ideologist in our midst.  These Socialists work on the theory that to change a society’s culture to their socialism,  Americanism must be destroyed.  We are well into that, as the announcement says you are aware of.  Why does it happen?  The corruption of Socialism, once it ‘grabs’ the society, which it has, destroys individual initiative, the minds corrupt and rotten, waiting for government to do what was promised.  It has been addressed as the insanity of Socialism.  How do they accomplish changing a society?  through education and they took control of America’s public education in the ’50’s.

Socialists accomplish their progression, besides the tricks of Lenin’s three steps forward, two back; forcing out all non-socialist minds for complete control, etc; use persistence and end-runs to destroy their opposition.  They only have to wear the resistance of our elected down to get what they want (if it can’t be bought).  Those whose freedoms, rights and wealth they take don’t even know they have an enemy in their midst, let alone understand them if they did.  The enemy sees to it that they don’t find out about the treason and traitors that have taken place over the past 100 years!  The Constitutional Foundation came to be for the reason of exposing these traitors, and in a mere eight years, the enemy has had much of their protection destroyed.  We intend to destroy them — and they can be beat.  TCF also researched their weakness and how they progressed into the White House after 60 years of the Conservatives’ efforts at stopping them.

The Constitutional Foundation attacks America’s anti-American foreign ideologist on a broad basis.  So we must be persistent, more persistent and persistent again.  If road blocks are thrown up in your way, find ends runs for them.  All us patriots have to fight with is the truth.  And the truth will destroy anything that isn’t.  Today the truth about America’s political history of the 20th century is seeping out.  As soon as TCF’s efforts to amend the Constitution as suggested becomes common knowledge, the enemy is on the defensive and the fight will become  much easier.

Toby Elster


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