Food for Thought

The Wall Street Journal on June 1, 2001 Op-Ed carried an item, “Toward a New World Media Order” by Li Congjun, president of China’s Xinihua News Agency.  Considering the sources for a ‘New World’ and a United Nations oversight, it should of been a laughing matter and the end of it.  Instead, it brought forth a seven published quarter page of letters of various lengths, June 6-7.  The shortest one had it right: “The Late Joseph Goebbels summed up what Mr. Li is advocating: ‘Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play'”.  But no letter stated what should be the media’s control of their ‘Freedom of the Press’.  What they publish as news must be honest and understandable.  No double-talk or political correctness; Just the news. Opinions belong on the Opinions Page.  Censorship, by intent, such as censoring out the Socialization of America, should be addressed too.  The Constitutional Foundation addresses that treasonous action by the main media as the ‘Untold and Unknown Political History of America’s 20th Century of Treason and Traitors and Treachery.’

HEALTHCARE AND INDIGENOUS POWER:  ‘Many people have been brainwashed into thinking the state protects them.  The truth is the exact opposite.” (Bob Wallace, Morris Fishbien – AMA Enemy of American Health)

WHAT’S WRONG WITH OBAMACARE? The premise of it to begin with is the problem.  It was created by Communists and communist tactics.  Their primary belief is not healthcare.  Their objective, first and foremost, is control of the people.  Create mandatory healthcare (with promises that it is the government’s obligation to all) and control of the people is assured.

Is such as ObamaCare a working possibility delivering what is promised?  Socialized medicine, where tried, says NO!  It soon becomes too expensive for the state to deliver as promised.  Cutting costs and services soon make the care unacceptable.  Hillary Clinton, as the First Lady, attempted to create socialized health care in secrecy.  The people said NO!  The state of Massachusetts has it.  It is not working as promised.  Obama, with his glib tongue of promises and lies by the dozens, as a one man autocrat of the likes of Lenin and Stalin, against Constitutional law, with political trickery and spin, with the Communist methods of governing, ram-rodded ObamaCare, with the aid of the Senate and House leaders, Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi, respectively.  Pelosi loves the socialist’s policy.  NO OBAMACARE will work!!!

Faced with high taxes now, and no care for three more years, Obama has forgiven a few thousand unions, business friends and other exemptions from the taxes.  No provisions to make up for the lost revenue from an already underfunded, political correct accounted health care plan, forcing all to participate.  One of Obama’s promised ‘change’ that 28 states are in court claiming ObamaCare as unconstitutional, and overburdening the state’s liabilities.  It is doomed to failure.  Our autocrats of Socialism and Communism could care less.  They’ll have control of your lives to fulfill their objective which is not your health care.

So what is the solution for Medicare and Medicaid, and even Social Security?  Don’t let the Democrats scare you with their lies about privatization so they can hold onto their power over your livelihood.  The companies that opted out of Social Security and government healthcare are in good financial shape, and there is no threat to their employees retirement annuities and health insurance.  To privatize the governments in place plans of years, they look at a plan in two different ages: one for youth whose future years can fund their plan.  The other for the elderly whose plan will continue as is.  Privatization will lower costs as insurance companies will compete for the business and the bureaucracy’s cost, a large portion of the costs, will decrease as it is faded out.  For instance, Social Security, had FDR made it a retirement plan and not to raise taxes, it would be paying, not 1.75% interest but 7% to 12% low risk interest, and SS payments would be three to five times as much.  The medical plans proposed take into consideration that the poor would be insured too.  Healthcare is an individual family’s responsibility.  You do not want the government doing it for you, if you want the best of care, and timely!

COMMUNISTS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!?!  Obama’s campaigning spin for ‘change’ and what Americans are getting for ‘change’ should be an awakening.  How we got ObamaCare, dictated by an autocratic Czar, ignoring the Constitutional Rule of Law, ramrodding it through Congress with lies and secrecy, is no different than the way Lenin and Stalin dictated the USSR’s ‘change’ into Communism.  Obama and his cabal of Czars have done it all too, except eliminate their opposition with a bullet.

If all Americans understood what Communism was, it would be gone from America tomorrow.  Want to read about what Communism is: The New American, June 20, 2011: ‘Fred Koch: Oil Man Against Communism” Page 35.  He worked with them and built their refineries.  THE WANNABE WORLD RULERS ARE BOUND AND DETERMINED TO PUT AMERICA INTO THEIR SOCIALIZED WORLD GOVERNMENT!

GOVERNMENTS AND COSTS:  It is competition that controls costs.  When the government moves in, under the pretense of guarding the people from harm or serving them, they kill competition and prices and bureaucratic costs go sky high!



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