American Free Press 7/4/11

What a selection of letters in the July 4, 2011 issue of American Free Press.  “Let’s Abide by the Constitution”, headlined Mrs. A. Novak advice.  “What is going on in our Nation?” Have we all abandoned the Constitution?”; “Jobs for America First” writes Willie Lowe Jr., “…and not for foreigners.  Let’s put the U.S.A. first.”; “Is Our Government Stupid?”, from Millie West, “Why do our officials insist on digging the people and the country itself into a deeper hole?”; “The Advance of the New World Order”, by Bill Cameron, “…until now it’s architects have their fingers around our throats and are beginning to squeeze.”; and others.

Are all looking for a solution that will eliminate what eats away at America; the people’s freedoms, rights, et al, and our foundation, the Constitution?  Americans don’t understand what has happened to America because they have never been informed or know about the political history of America’s 20th Century of traitors, treachery, and treason by our ‘high and mighty’ wannabe world rulers who already make the policy for the world.  Only America still stands in their way.  But for how long?

Cameron, writing about the “New World Order starting to squeeze to choke America…” misjudged.  They started under Woodrow Wilson, a Progressive educated, Fabian activist to socialize America.  The foundation for that was laid about the mid 1800’s letting Hegel Progressive professors instruct their socialism in the Ivy League colleges.  In 1899, the Fabian Marxist began their activism, fro funds of the ‘high and mighty’, indoctrinating students to their beliefs to socialize America.  Today they are in the White House forcing America down.

There is a solution to get rid of these anti-American Constitution-destroyers by amending the Constitution’s definition of Treason, to make all whose intentions are to destroy the Constitution, the traitors they are, punishable for treason.  Wake up patriotic Americans! Save the Constitution!!!

Toby Elster


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