Human Events Articles from 6/20/11 Response

No, this is not a diverse subject of what went wrong with America.  What went wrong with America is an insanity of complacency of allowing the enemy in America’s midst to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution, be they Socialists or Jihadists.  America’s enemy within took root in the mid 1800’s when the Hegelite Progressive professors were allowed to expound their beliefs for Socialism.  It took a dastardly turn when the ‘insanity of complacency’ allowed the Fabian Marxists to move into our education system to indoctrinate their beliefs to socialize America, starting in 1899.  The rest of the story is the untold, hidden political history of America’s 20th Century of traitors, treachery, and treason.

Was it an omission, perhaps an oversight, that the Founders failed to give the Constitution a means to protect itself from destruction which creates the ‘insanity of complacency’?  That must be corrected, as the political history mentioned above has proven, and the solution must be PERMANENT, or the enemy will be back.

I am a retired military solider.  In 1970, I discovered that what I had been told in intelligence school was true — that America had an enemy within Her midst.  That these anti-American Socialists were destroying the Constitution to gain their objective of destroying America’s greatness and independence for their dreamed of one-world government.  Curiosity, of how they did it, started me on my 40 year ‘crusade’, learning all about the enemy from which the mentioned solution came out of.  First, some wisdom for thought of why it is necessary to destroy the enemy in our midst.

FDR, America’s greatest Fabian Socialist, understood that if one didn’t destroy the enemy, the enemy will destroy you.  He saw to it that Hitler was destroyed.  But he was one of America’s internal enemies.  (America is in an internal war, not in any political fight.  One is going to go, either Americanism or the enemy.)  And America is being destroyed because a war cannot be won with an enemy in one’s camp.  America’s enemy in our midst has a 250 year history of never ceasing their quest (for known reasons).  Consequently, the solution to America’s internal enemy problem must be a permanent one.  One that can prevent the enemy from raising from the dead.

The Constitutional Foundation, after awakening Americans to the fact they are being socialized, has not moved towards awakening Patriotic America to the solution.  What you can do to help, America will be grateful.  Once the Tea Parties and Veterans are awaken, they’ll see to getting the amendment enacted.  Tell them about it!  For America’s sake!

Toby Elster


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