Reply to the New American ‘ NDRA-The New Push for a Constitutional Convention’ 6-6-11

The Constitutional Foundation does not have any objection to the intent for the NDRA.  Buy why place America’s neck in a noose to try to accomplish it?  I’m aware of the Goldwater Institute and it’s work, who should understand the danger to America’s foundation, Her Constitution, to expose it to a Constitutional Convention.  Not could, but will expose the Constitution to a factual destruction.

The information of the background and those of the Restoring Freedom was nil in the computer.  Even though the author of the captioned article vouches for Restoring Freedom, and TCF accepts her judgement through The New American, the lack of information to judge, my knowledge and experience of America’s anti-American enemy within our midst, raises a red flag to verify the RFO is not one of them.  The Communists of the 1930’s and 40’s screamed “PEACE”.  And all of those “PEACE” organizations turned out to be fronts for the Soviet spies — FDR’s abetted friends!  The Socialists are no different, hiding under misleading names, political correctness vocabulary, and their constant reiteration of their lies and promises.  Remember Obama’s ‘Change’?!?

The opinions and differing interpretations of the law by attorneys, and no substantiated offerings, only emotions and opinions, of the pros and cons for a Con-Con, should wave a red flag of danger — lookout and be careful.  The second paragraph was not to belittle or accuse RFO of not being loyal, but to point out why the waving red flags are screaming STOP!!! NO CONVENTION!!!

Phyllis Schlafly’s statement in the article is the argument as to why to STOP!  NO CONVENTION!  “In other words, the guy with gavel controls the Convention — not the people who wrote the rules ahead of them.  I’ve seen all the rules broken.”  And she mentions the dirty tricks they use to silence their opposition.  And these are ‘Americans’ fighting for political power AND WE NEVER KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHO THE GUY WITH THE GAVEL IS REPRESENTING except a name!!!  Nor is he obligated to tell, sworn to any oath, so perjury is not a ‘meaningless’ threat.  AND AMERICA HAS HAD AN ENEMY WITHIN HER MIDST FOR OVER 100 YEARS WHO UNDERMINES THE CONSTITUTION TO BE REPLACED WITH ONE OF A FOREIGN IDEOLOGY OF SOCIALISM FOR A ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT UNDER THE U.N. and you want to open the door wide open to them?!?

One of America’s greatest traitors is the mass (socialized) media.  That media is responsible for the censorship by omission that created ‘The Untold and Unknown Political History of America’s 20th Century of Treachery, Traitors, and Treason”.  It is all in the literature anymore since a Conservative media came to be, in bits and pieces.  The history commenced with Fabian Socialists arrival in America in 1899 with the purpose of socializing America and creating a one-world government.  They are immensely successful.  Their movement includes the high and mighty of industry and politics; presidents; congressmen; advisers; men of influence; judges; organizations; a multitude who have taken the Oath of Office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution (except the military) who trample and wipe their dirty feet on the Oath, guilty of perjury; and the multitude of their useful idiots that have been brainwashed in our schools to their beliefs.  That includes those who reside in and serve those in the White House.  They are the believers in socialism, global government, are destroying the Constitution and America’s greatness and power to accomplish those ends, serving the wannabes for world rule.  How did that happen?  In America!!!  And a Constitutional Convention is proposed under the same system, rule of law, similar activists, and no one knows the mind of the guy who will hold the gavel!!!  Those who have opposed America’s enemy within have tried for 60 years to stop them.  And where has America gone in those 60 years???  They rule unconstitutionally from the White House with executive orders today, and you wish to give them a Convention too, to destroy what’s left of the Constitution!!!

America being attacked by a foreign ideology movement, to change American society into that ideology, didn’t happen overnight.  It happened because Americans were never told it was happening.  Some of the worst:  In the 1930’s and 40’s, FDR (a full blossomed Fabian Socialist) abetted Soviet operations in America.  Harry Hopkins, FDR’s right hand man, saw to the Soviets getting the materials to build at atom bomb.  American spies for the Soviets made sure that the Communists would take control of China.  Upon FDR’s death in April 1945, Harry Truman became President.  By Truman swearing to the Oath of Office, he became obligated to clean up the anti-American mess FDR left him and stop the socialization of America.  Instead, he committed perjury, turned TRAITOR, and created a great cover-up of what FDR did to America and vilified a Senator who was trying to tell the people the truth of FDR’s treachery.  Truman is directly responsible for America’s problems arising from the foreign ideology that undermines America’s principles today.

And those pro Con-Con advocates believe that the Convention can be kept in the hands of Patriotic Americans and who the patriotic ones are is unknown.  Aren’t you dreaming an insane dream that will turn into a nightmare of a runaway Convention destroying the Constitution or what is left of it?  Isn’t America insane enough letting her enemy within use the Constitution to destroy it?  Still worse are the minds who control and guide the Administration today.  They never had any intent to respect their Oath of Office or follow the Rule of Law.  The guy who is going to wield the gavel, should a Con-Con become a reality, is going to be one of them in the closet today, unknown who he serves, until it’s too late.  They are going to shred the Constitution of the Founders!  They have a following of millions of brainwashed useful idiots who believe anything they say.  They still control America’s mass socialized media.  They also control the public schools from K-12, and many of the colleges, having the ability to influence over 48 million youths annually with their American educated socialist educators and control of the teacher’s unions, into their world view of a global government ever since Carter gave them the Department of Education.

The Constitutional Foundation has moved, with it’s knowledge of the enemy; their mentality, methods, objective, and how they progressed into the White House, for a permanent solution to America’s foreign ideological enemy within our midst and the destruction to the society’s well being they have caused.  It only calls for an amendment to the Constitution’s definition of Treason.  When over 40 million active Patriotic Americans are awakened to ‘what has gone wrong with their America’, which you have been introduced to, they will see to the enactment of the amendment.  It will not only destroy America’s Enemy Within, give the people the means to protect their freedoms, rights, private property and Rule of Law, but it will make the NDRA a sure thing, along with clearing the way to restore America’s principles and greatness.

That is the way to SAVE AMERICA — without endangering what is left of the Constitution and Patriotic America’s way of life and hope for their hearts!

Toby Elster


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