Salazar’s War on Jobs – Human Events 6/13/11

“Salazar’s War on Jobs” — Human Events 6/13/11 — has the cart before the horse.  Salazar is a Communist red, thinking Green, as is the green Goddess but both are Color Blind Greens who want to shut down every mili-grain of fossil fuels, consequently shutting down American industry and turning off all the lights.  They give jobs and people no consideration.

Ken Salazar is Obama’s Secretary of Interior.  He and Obama shut down all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, using the BP’s blowout as an excuse.  It took a Federal Judge’s order to even get them to process the permits filed prior to the blowout to let those operators move forward.  The judge order-those permits to be processed in 30 days! (Some of which cost over $10,000)

The Interior Department won’t process permits to open new coal mines.  Coal as fuel for electricity generations has been cleaned up and is non-polluting.  It is also the cheapest fuel for the cheapest electric rates, even cheaper than the trillions of cubic feet of natural gas available by 25%.  Alternate fuels are the most expensive, with wind and solar being 300% to over 500% more expensive than coal.  Alternate fuels will not replace more than 5% of the electricity generation that America uses.  Hardly enough to meet the growing demand, let along able to replace any fossil fuel being used.

These Communist Red Greens are some of America’s worst anti-Americans trying to socialize America to make Her subservient to the one-world government of the United Nations.

Toby Elster


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