To the Editor of The Wichita Eagle 7/26/11

Pheeeww! The smell is horrible!  What is it about people who get hit between the eyes, and still won’t accept the truths of ill conceived beliefs or planted lies?  Sunday’s Wichita Eagle (7/26/11) Opinions Editor Brownlee and his ranting of an ill conceived and false foundation of the (K)DHE and Color Blind Green Cartoonist Crowson’s misguided socialism — whoops, liberalism — unable to distinguish it from the Communist red Socialists (led by wannabe world rulers of the United Nations and their political environmentalism of no truths).  Proven so constantly since their outed Copenhagen fiasco, as unscientific or boiler-housed findings, the political correctness of the world socialists, and plain lies.  Also exposed by the five conference of numerous world scientists of honest research sponsored by the Heartland Institute, annually, who prove that human influenced green house gasses are a farce.  Yes, Climate Change does happen, but only as the elements make it occur.

CO2 is not a pollutant, as the EPA declared it, but only 0.001173 percent of the atmosphere’s gasses; that coal burning has been scrubbed clean for decades now, but not out of the minds of the CBG’s.  Nor understood by the Crowson’s nor accepted by the Communists of the EPA or the Secretary of the Interior who are in a head-long plunge to shut down all fossil fuels.  Communists? Yes!  There is not much difference the way they accomplish their beliefs than what Lenin or Stalin did.  Creating pollutants or science out of their farces of green house gasses or climate change — which used to be man-made global warming! — unceasingly!

SHUT DOWN FOSSIL FUELS!!! It is only 90% or more of America’s power generating capability.  To be replaced by highly expensive of a 5% replacement by alternate fuels.  People, get out your wallets and get lanterns for black-market fuel for a little light.  To replace coal energy that costs $78 a mega watt hour, or natural gas at $90, with alternate wind at $150 and solar at $400 is something insane people do, and not a thought of the coming blackouts of not light and no industry.  That would be a man made by mad, mentally disarranged ones, of the CBG’s.

I keep wondering what can be done for the grand kids to prevent these CBG’s of communist red who, while looking in a mirror, wonder who caused what they created, that happened to the country?  Yes, there is an answer if patriotic Americans will wake up! Amend the Constitution!!!

Toby Elster


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