To the Schwarz Report

At times I do believe we are making some headway.  Something is happening in Congress that gives us, at least, some hope for a “REAL” American ‘change’! But for how long?

From the latest outstanding Report; “Communism and the Intellectuals” by Dr. Bauman, was as bloody as Lenin and Stalin were.  I knew they were bloody, but not that bloody.  When I write about Communism and Socialism I write or imply they have no truths.  Consequently, they fall back on lies and trickery.  I believe that is also being proven in the White House today.  TCF does not hesitate to call Obama and his Czars Communists.  It is pointed out that they use the same methods of dishonesty and deception as Lenin and Stalin did to attain their ends.  Then I’ll add, all the White House methods, except eliminating their enemies with a bullet, are the same as Lenin and Stalin’s were.  And nearly every time all add “not yet anyway!” Doesn’t that say something?

I do notice that no authors of America’s problems ever mention a sure solution to rid America of Her anti-Americans of a foreign ideology.  TCF offers one.  In essence, it fills an omission in the Constitution that allows these Constitution-destroyers the right to use the Constitution to destroy it.  It also gives the People the means to guard their freedoms, rights, private property, and Rule of Law — and it does it permanently.  It will be the answer to the Tea Parties should they not be able to get control of the Republican Party in 2012.  The solution needs all the publicity it can get.  TCF does move to awaken the Veterans to the face they are losing all they fought and many died for, as it puts forth this solution to amend the Constitution’s definition of Treason.


Toby Elster


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