Things to Ponder

The National Rifle Association (NRA-PVF) in a letter dated June 13, 2001, states: “That NRA-PVF will oppose President Barack Obama’s re-election efforts in 2012, and actively seek his defeat next year.”

Their members were responsible for that decision and TCF has made mailings to the NRA concerning America’s Enemy Within our midst, who the Obama cabal in the White House serve.  A brief review of how America got an enemy within our midst is in order!


1.  1860’s – 1900:  Hegelite Progressive professors in the Ivy League Colleges taught their Socialism, influencing students.  They were not activists, and mostly ignored.  But they left those whom they influenced with their beliefs.

2.  1900 – 1915: The Fabians of London came to America to change American society into their Marxist Socialism, and had a ready-made foundation to buy their beliefs to be taught in the colleges.  Their objective was a socialized world of nations under a one-world government.

3.  1915-1930:The High & Mighty got their man, Woodrow Wilson, a Progressive-educated Fabianite promoting Socialist’s ideas and beliefs.  The media went silent (for known reasons), after his socialist’s ideas were exposed for what they were.

4.  1930 – 1940: The High & Mighty, wannabes for world government, got FDR elected.  He introduced American society to socialism through the New Deal.  He allowed Soviet spies and Communists the freedom to promote the USSR’s communist beliefs, through an open door to America.  The media stays mum to FDR’s ‘secret’ doings, and that he is a full-blossomed Fabian Socialist.

5.  1940 – Present:  Truman, upon becoming President in April 1945 does not clean up the anti-American mess FDR left him’ and the socialization of America continues unchallenged through America’s public education system — into the White House with an autocratic Communist gang of anti-American administrative lawmakers, ignoring the Constitution and the laws.  They rule as Lenin and Stalin did, except for eliminating their oppositions with a bullet.

IS THERE A SOLUTION?  Yes, but first where in America are most of the anti-Americans serving the wannabe world rulers?  The globalist of the New World Order.

FDR gave the Socialists the Democrat Party, they still hold it, and most are found there.  But not all!  The Republicans have plenty, known as RINO’s — Republican in Name Only.  America’s anti-Americans are concentrated in the Northeast; the northern two tier of states east of the Mississippi River (but that is changing); the West Coast; in the biggest cities; and in most of American colleges as professors who educate the U.N.’s one-world view of nations without borders, and multiculturalism, Socialism’s beliefs and ‘hate America’ as they preach a false peace.

THE SOLUTION:  Amend the Constitution’s definition of Treason to make all these anti-Americans whose actions or rhetoric can or will destroy the Constitution, the traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  The consequences, once the Amendment becomes common knowledge, besides putting America’s enemy within our midst on the defensive, will cause them to either change their minds, go into hiding, or leave.  Then America will be left for Americans only!

AND THE MASS MEDIA STAYS SILENT, CENSORING WHY AMERICA WENT WRONG, BY OMISSION.  HOW ARE THEIR SOCIALISTS ADDRESSED? AS LIBERALS, in name only!  Their beliefs are of socialism, acquired in America’s classrooms since the 1950’s.  Also known as Useful Idiots, the Fellow Travelers of the 30’s & 40’s fit the bill!

Toby Elster


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