Discussion with American Policy Institute

A fantastic and extremely informative interview in ‘The New American’ (July 4, 2011 “Active Against ‘Agenda 21′”) concerning the U.N.’s dastardliness use of the NGOs.  I was aware that they existed, but not being used that way, believing that it was the political contact that organized the CFR’s policies.  There wasn’t much ab out environmentalism I wasn’t aware of since learning about the meeting at Iron Mountain from which the political movement originated or about the U.N. from researching the Fabians.  But I do have a question.  It comes out of my experience attempting to get the Lion’s Club International being a NGO to the U.N.

To persue political matters for the LCI is against their Constitution and By Laws.  When I brought it to their attention, the LCI Headquarters totally, icely, ignored it.  A letter to the LCI President (an American) it got the same reception.  Only a handful of international directors agreed.  A letter to the International President pointing out that the Children Peace Poster Contest, which the LCI promotes, was nothing but U.N. indoctrination for global government, it got the same reception.  Even making the argument that their ‘peace’ was a front for their objective.  What is it with these frozen shut minds, even to their danger?  Is that a form of a Socialist’s insanity, doing the same thing over and over even after it fails every time?

We must amend the Constitution and quickly to update the definition of treason.  The message of the solution needs to be spread far, loud, and often to awaken Patriotic Americans to see that the amendment gets enacted. Thank you for your help!

Toby Elster


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