Quotes from ‘The American Spectator’ June 2011

On Schools: ‘A Less Perfect Union; How the NEA and AFT Play Monopoly With Your Kids’ by Andrew Coulson.

‘In the private sector, union membership declined from 31 percent to less than 7 percent of the workforce since 1960.  Among public school employees, it doubled from 35 percent to 70 percent over the same period.’

‘Sooner or later, the public will no longer be able to maintain school employees in the numbers or in the manner to which they have become accustomed.  Our state school monopoly is simply not sustainable.’

‘While every other service or product has gotten better, more affordable, or both, public school productivity has collapsed.  It is now costing us more to teach kids less.’

‘In reality, neither generous budgets or the parental dominance of boards of education contribute much to academic quality of suburban schools.’

** From ‘Meet the Suburban Parents; The Other Obstacle to Public School Reform’ by Lewis M. Andrews – On Government

‘It is fair to say that the politics of entitlements have favored the Democrats.  Even when Republicans have won their elections, Democrats have won the argument.’

‘The system is so reliant on the collections from a small slice of rich Americans that in 2007, the top 3 percent paid more than 50 percent of all income taxes.’

On Internationalism: ‘In ancient times, Palestine was largely self-sufficient, with a population of millions.  Replete with forests, teeming with sheep and goats, full of farms and wineries, the landscape evoked a European plenitude.  By 1939, however, it was largely an environmental disaster.’

‘The Economics of Settlement; if not for the Jewish settlers, there would be no Palestine and no economic progress for the region’s Arab Population.’ – George Gilder (The Constitutional Foundation agrees.  In our research of Mohammedism, the Jews were the producers while the Arabs were all nomadic.  Mohammed acquired the funds to conquer the Mediterranean nations from the 50% taxes on Jewish production.)

‘All across Europe “multiculturalism’ is being rejected, both by ordinary people and by many of their elected representatives.’

‘The Rebirth of Nations’ by Roger Scruton: This is factual, and if your middle schooler is exposed to the ‘Peace Poster Contest’ sponsored by a local Lions Club, they are only passing along the United Nations indoctrination of global government through multiculturalism and borderless countries from the Lion Club International.  TCF has been on the LCI’s case for over 10 years — with no results.  The ‘Peace’ the U.N. promotes is as phony as all the ‘peace’ organizations of the 1930’s and 40’s which all turned out to be Soviet spy fronts.  So are the U.N.’s ‘peace’ programs fronts for their global government under the fascism of Socialism?  The LCI is a Non-Government Organization serving the U.N. How the U.N. American Policy Center, “Now Tell Me I Was Wrong” or on the computer is “Attack of the NGOs”.

On Tea Parties:

‘Two Women of Bucks County” by Ned Ryun.  Sage advice on why your TCF makes mailings of ‘what has gone wrong with America’ and the solution to the problem — Amending the definition of Treason in Article III of the Constitution to bring it into the 21st Century to serve America in Her dire need today.  It also answers the reason why the Lions Club International Headquarters won’t listen.

Toby Elster



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