Words of Wisdom from ‘The American Spectator’ June 2011

‘Rule of Lawlessness’ by John Fund reporting on retaliation actions with vengeance against the opposition when things don’t go their way.  For instance, California Democrats threatening to cut off benefits in Republican districts for not voting for a tax increase.  Or in the Wisconsin public employees vengeance against Governor Walker’s collective bargaining reforms against those companies who have supported Walker and a Union letter full of threats for not supporting the Union’s stand.  Fund ended his article with, “It appears more and more people on the left have decided that the Rule of Law will have to give way to their version of the Rule of Men.”  The Constitution is the Rule of Law.”

That is what the people have in the White House and the Administration, the Rule of Obama.  No different then when Lenin Stalin ruled the USSR, (except he hasn’t used a bullet to get rid of his opposition.)

Toby Elster


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