Human Events – June 27, 2011 (Not Your Typical Conservative Item by Jarrett Stepman)

From the captioned item, TCF assumes that these are well versed, to a knowledgeable extent, of America’s internal war; Patriotic Americans vs the foreign ideology of the Anti-American Socialists.  This is not a political fight.  It is to determine which way America goes — Constitutional capitalism or Socialism — not arguing for the best way to go.

Fur a nut-shell review; The Fabians came to America in 1899 to socialize America through Her education system.  Attracting the ‘High and Mighty’ to their pursuit for a global government, they have been very successful.  That led to the creation of America’s unknown and untold political history of the 20th Century of traitors, treachery, and treason.  Today, their beliefs are being enacted into law by the Administration of a dictator President and his ‘Yes Sir’ Czars.  Why haven’t they been stopped?  That is a sixty year failure by the Conservatives (for known reasons).

There is a solution for America to win her internal war against the enemy in our midst.  The Tea Parties, God bless them, hopefully, being successful taking control of the Republican Party can buy needed time to ‘rebury’ the Anti-American Socialists.  In the ‘isms’ of Fascism’s 250 year history, they have arisen from the dead four times, all wannabe world rulers, as are the ‘High and Mighty’.  TCF has put a dent in their plans by exposing the socialization of America in a mere four years, measured by the Wall Street Journal writing articles on socialism in America in 2008. When TCF started that was never heard or read about with America.

What happened to America can not only be stopped, but the enemy in our midst can be destroyed and the war won forever with a simple amendment to the definition of Treason in the Constitution.  That has been set out in our website.  The message of America’s internal war and that there is a solution to win it, needs to be spread far, wide, and often to generate the grassroots movement for accomplishment.  It has to be broadcast and sung to awaken Patriotic Americans to save our America PERMANENTLY!  Otherwise ‘isms’ will arise from the dead sooner or later.  There will always be among the ‘High and Mighty’ those who know they must rule the world.  And that has always led to an ‘ism’ of Fascism.  The United Nations is once against proving that!

Patriotic Americans must be awakened.  TCF alerts the Conservative Organizations, Tea Parties, and Veteran Organizations, but more is needed!

Toby Elster


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