Response to Ed Kelley joining the Washing Times

I know you won’t recall, but back when I began exposing the socialization of America, The Oklahoman was extremely cooperative publishing my letters written about socialism in America before such was never read or heard about.  It was very encouraging to continue.  Exceptionally, so when The Oklahoman published an occasional reply by others.

Perhaps that was what gave me the courage to continue, founding The Constitutional Foundation, and going against the advice of the best in the field of knowing what went wrong with America, saying that exposing Socialism in America could not be done.  But we did it in four years with letters to editors of half a dozen national publications of which The Washington Times under Tony Blankley was one of the more helpful.  We knew we were on the right track when, after about two years, letters on the subject of socialism started appearing from other writers around the country.  In 2008, The Wall Street Journal was writing articles on Socialism in America.  TCF moved on to a meaningful solution to the America’s foreign ideological problem in Her midst.

Much has changed since them, as did in The Washington Times.  The old timers, like Blankley, left, and with them went their wisdom and vision.  Without that vision we couldn’t have gotten the job done with the editors who followed.  So you can imagine my pleasure to read that one of the editors of wisdom and vision has come to The Washington Times, Mr. Ed Kelley.  I’m not sure why one would want to leave Oklahoma City, but the Times made a very wise choise.  It needs the expertise of the Oklahoman.

After Blankley left, the paper became a daily news sheet.  It’s Letters pages, one of the most important pages, became repetitive – a lot about idealistic Socialism, but America has moved on into Communism (The EPA, for instance) and never a letter recognizing the transition to judge what the ‘peons’ were noticing.  Their ideas, good or bad, are still important, to judge where the bureaucracies go astray.  Letter writers reveal the general drift of America anymore, while those in Washington, who believe they have all the answers, haven’t proven it in over 60 years of trying.  Look where America has gone in that time!

TCF wishes Ed Kelley all the best with the ‘new’ Washington Times.

Toby Elster


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