Kitchen Table Patriots – Ana Puig & Anastasia Przybylski (The American Spectator, June 2011)

It is a pleasure to write to people who understand what happened to America.  I’ve never realized that there were others, except those I knew or know of that came out of Eastern Europe, who understood what socialism is, and certainly not from Brazil.  When Mrs. Puig left Brazil, world socialism hadn’t really entrenched South America by then. Or had it?

Socialism came to stay in America in 1899, undercover and well hidden, to educate America into Marxism.  They came as ‘Liberals’.  They came to educate the second tier of government, the influential, with the dreams of a one-world government under socialism.  They were very successful since their global government plans attracted the ‘High and Mighty’ to fund them.  TCF summarizes America’s socialization as the unknown and untold political history of America’s 20th Century of traitors, treachery, and treason.  After curiosity changed into ‘do something about it’ the research of moved into the minds of Socialists to find answer of what to do.  The ‘isms’ of Fascism of the wannabe world rulers were researched back to the start of Socialism’s move into treachery and anything goes.  That is, the end justifies the means.  And also why the conservatives, in 60 years of trying, couldn’t stop the socialization of America.  From that knowledge came answers.

When I became active, and formed TCF in 2003, in four years TCF exposed America’s enemy in Her midst best-kept secret, the socialization of America from it never being heard or read about in America.  In 2008, the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles on the subject of Socialism.  The Socialists have controlled the media since about 1915.  TCF calls it censorship by omission; the public thinks it’s bias.

There is nothing about Obama and his Czars that surprise us, not even his ‘change’.  We can predict what he truly means when he speaks the opposite of what of his intentions are.  He and his Czars are Communists.  They attain no differently than Stalin or Lenin did, except to eliminate their opposition with bullets.  Obama was sponsored into office to destroy America’s might, both economically and militarily, to slip Her under the United Nations’ global government.  TCF knows how his movement can be stopped and destroyed.  The principles of why it must be done are well-established by history.

As any military knows, if one doesn’t destroy one’s enemy, the enemy will destroy you.  That is what is happening to America!  America’s enemy in our midst must be destroyed to restore what they have accomplished tearing down America’s foundation.  No war can be won with an enemy in your midst.  America’s enemy in Her midst, the anti-American Socialists are winning the war by destroying the Constitution, which is a must for them!  America is in an internal war.  It is not a political difference.  It is a war to determine which way America goes, Constitutional Capitalism or Marxist Socialism into a global government.  What goes on in Congress and the Administration is not a fight for the best way to go — but which way!  Freedom and rights or economic slavery under dictatorship are at stake!

America’s weakness is that She has no way to protect the Constitution.  Our leaders for 112 years have had the insanity of socialists of letting them use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.  Letting the Socialists have control of the public education system with which they can indoctrinate over 48 million K-12 students annually into their world view of multiculturalism and borderless nations, among other similar things, which has destroyed the cement of patriotism in the society.  That which used to hold Americans together — the America of WWII.  That is where the judges come from who sit in socialized court rooms, the useful idiots who abet the Socialists, in destroying the Constitution they have sworn to protect and defend.

The Constitution can be protected, along with We, the People’s freedoms, rights, private property, and Rule of Law, with a simple amendment to the definition of Treason in the Constitution.  T

About the Tea Parties, God bless you, in your war of making sure the way America ends up is the right way TCF offers the benefit of their knowledge and experience.  Part One: DO NOT — DO NOT try to form a 3rd party.  If they do, IT WILL AWAKEN AN ENEMY THAT THEY DON’T KNOW OF WHO WILL ‘CREAM’ THE PATRIOTS OF AMERICA AND THEIR EFFORTS. (That is fact, not prediction.)

The Tea Parties have to keep focused on taking control of the Republican Party in 2012.  If the Tea Parties take over the Administration and Congress, if nothing else, it will put the enemy in our midst on hold and buy precious time.  If that fails, then the Tea Parties have to move with a common cause and moving to enact the amendment will hold them together and create the grassroots groundswell force that will be necessary for 2016.  Moving with the amendment, making it common knowledge, will put the enemy on the defensive.  That will put their agenda on hold and open the door to start America’s real American ‘change’.  Getting the amendment enacted will change a lot of minds, send many into hiding or just leave!

Win or lose, the Tea Parties getting the Republican Party, still makes the amendment a must.  In the ‘isms’ of Fascism’s 250 year history, the wannabes for world rule, which is all it is about for them, have risen from the dead at least 4 times.  This is the first for America.  To keep it from happening again, a permanent solution is necessary.  What the Tea Parties have in mind for a solution will not be permanent.  We don’t want our heirs to be the fifth time, after the enemy gets buried this time when they lose the internal war.  Because, sooner or later, without the ability of the Constitution to stop them, they will be back.  History writes that very plainly.

It is time to start getting the amendment spread around.  The Tea Parties will have to help spread the message!  The message that there is a solution to America’s enemy within our midst; foreign ideology problems must be spread far, often, and loud.

Toby Elster


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