Letter to the Editor of AAPG Explorer

“The Economist of London asserts that using hydraulic fracturing to stimulate oil and gas wells can ‘damage the water table, disrupt communities, and even cause earthquakes'”, states lee Fuller of Energy in Depth, Washington D.C., in his letter.  He continues to state that Fracking has been used in the USA over 1.1 million times since 1940.  The Explorer has two articles on Fracking by it’s correspondents, Louis Durham “Frack Water Management Studied” and “Study Seeks to Inject Science into Frack Debate” of pursuit for answers that field knowledge of Fracking has not contaminated one gallon of subsurface water.  The Explorer issue also addressed by it’s correspondent, Barry Friedman, “Putting the ‘Clean’ in Coal Technology”, refuting the EPA’s propaganda of unscientific declarations of coal’s pollution, to shut down coal electricity generating plants, as it moves to a non-use of fossil fuel, EPA’s policy.

What is it with the EPA Bureaucracy who use dictatorship-methods of Stalin and Lenin to destroy the economy?  They ignore laws, lower unfounded standards, at a whim, for cleaner air and water below Nature’s doings, declare non-pollutants, such as CO2, which is only .001173% of the atmospheric gases, ignore judge’s orders, and more.  The EPA forces the waste of money in the trillions of dollars, raising costs, for the benefit of nothing.  There must  be a reason for it since the issue of Fracking was stirred up by them too.

Back to ‘Agenda 21’ of Rio De Janeiro and the U.N.’s Earth Summit of 1992 for the source.  And even the purloined emails of Copenhagen, exposing the dishonesty of the environmentalists, get ignored.  Quoted from William Jasper writing in The New American (July 4, 2011) interview with Tom DeWeese, “it is becoming apparent to people that the U.N. is using environmentalism as a front to control local governments.”  That’s what I’ve been expounding on for 40 years, since it began.  Finally, in the past 20 years it has been seeping out to the public.  Not it is becoming obvious.

How does the U.N. do it?  Log in to DeWeese’s American Policy Center for his essay, “Attack of the NCO’s” (Non-Government Organizations) to learn how the U.N. undercuts our political system of law making to attain their desires.  The paper begins, “Few elected officials raise an eyebrow.  The media makes no mention of it.  But power is slowly slipping away from our elected representatives.  In much the same way Mao Tse-tung had his Red Guards, so the UN has it’s NGOs.”

It isn’t serious anymore.  It is tragic and dangerous as We, the People, are losing the Constitution, and what it guarantees us.  You saw those consequences by the government’s actions in the aftermath of the BP Gulf of Mexico blow out.  Those actions were not done by the Rule of Law!

Toby Elster


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