‘The Ruling Class’ Response to Pro. Angelo M. Codevilla

The Booklet came to me and I enjoyed it very much.  We are on the same wave-length.  It confirmed some of my conclusions (or forgotten learnings).  When TCF came to be, it did so to seek out the truths and reveal them.  And, regardless of who the shoe fits, we call them what they are.  So your ‘Ruling Class’ are American’s educated Socialists, the servers of the ‘High and Mighty’ who moves America to the UN.’s global government.  Your ‘Country Class’, TCF sees as two divisions; the Patriotic Americans and the other half the Socialist”s useful idiots (aka fellow travelers).  TCF sums up these times as the unknown and untold political history of America’s 20th Century of traitors, treachery, and treason.

In four years, TCF, against expert advice saying it couldn’t be done, exposed the socialization of America, from it never being heard or read about with America.  In 2008, even the Wall St. Journal was publishing articles about socialism in America.  Then Obama, (since we understand Communists, hasn’t surprised us with any of his lies) took over, TCF moves for a PERMANENT solution to America’s internal war.

I was told in Military Intelligence School, that America had an enemy within,  In 1970, I accidentally found out it was so and they were very active destroying America’s foundation — Her Constitution.  My curiosity was on fire, “How in the world did they do this?”  Those answer led to the Constitutional Foundation and the crusade to stop it.  That research, of the ‘A to Z’ of America’s enemy in our midst, included what is in the minds of Socialists and Communists, their history of 250 years; and most of all, why the Conservatives in 60 year of trying, have such a dismal record stopping them.  That is from where the answer comes to amend the definition of Treason in the Constitution as a do all.

Understanding military principles, we must destroy our enemy.  If we don’t, then the enemy will destroy America — which today is obvious.  In order to repair the damage the enemy has done, the enemy, who prevents the repairs, must be removed from America’s midst.  Otherwise, American’s internal war cannot be won.  It can be predicted, from previous 1945 event, that just making the suggested Amendment common knowledge, will change a lot of minds, send others into hiding and silence.  But the Amendment should be enacted since it will give We, the People, the means to protect the Constitution for centuries to come.  I can count at least four times that Socialism, which is the first step to Communism, has risen from the dead!

Toby Elster


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