To Human Events

When TCF was in the formative stage, the policy came out that only the truths would be considered.  If, along the way, we have erred, they must of been minor as TCF has never been challenged.  TCF also realizes there are certain truths the media will not cover, which leaves those matters up in the air, do they know or not?

Re: Human Events *7/4/11 issue:

Gov. Rick Perry article by Merrill Matthews: Perry, during his first term as Governor, endorsed and moved for the UN’s superhighway program.  The Texas legislature had to stop him.  What is his standing on the issue now?  I’ve never read or heard about the issue being addressed in the past few years.  Is he pro or con for the North American Union?

Author Darling’s Legislative Lowdown, “Will Obama’s Soft Socialism Prevail?” Are they crazy? This is no Soft Socialism!!!  Doesn’t he recognize Obama as being a Communist — with a house full of Communists, abetted by Pelosi, and Harry Reid on the team?  They have an American destroying agenda serving the U.N.’s global government ambition.  Why these American foundation destroyers should be made the traitors they are, prosecutable for treason, for destroying the Constitution!  They accomplish what they are denied in the same manner that Stalin and Lenin did, except they haven’t eliminated their opposition with bullets.  What do these authors believe comes out of the EPA and their other controlled legislative bureaucracies?  Aren’t we buried in unConstitutional Executive Orders?

Item of interest; More Chicago (Editorial): George B Kaiser was mentioned as an Obama supporter.  He was President of Kaiser-Francis Oil Company until 2007, which I’m sure his father started.  The Company has grown into a major independent, listed as 22nd U.S. oil producer.  That he is a supporter of Obama is jarring.  I assume that makes him one of the ‘High and Mighty’ of who is one of America’s enemy within our midst?

Whose side is McCain on, supporting the U.N.’s Law of the Sea Treaty?  As TCF informs the Tea Parties, the old dog Republicans must go. RINO’s are moderates with the early stage of socialism, similar to being a little bit pregnant.  They cannot be told that compromising with Democrats is no different than appeasement as the foreign ideologists define it.  Our way, since there is no other way.  There is nothing in the budget debate that Obama has done to this date that TCF didn’t predict would happen.  It came right out of the COmmunist book of operations!

Toby Elster


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