Faith and Freedom 2012 Ballot and Survey

The Ballot and Survey has been executed and returned.  The Constitutional Foundation precedes the Faith & Freedom Coalition by six years.  We’ve paved the way by exposing the socialization of America in a mere four years.  But we’ve only proven that socialism, once humans are treated to a dose of it, they become addicted to it to the point of being blinded to it’s consequences.  TCF has the identical beliefs, objectives, truths and message as does Dr. Reed and the Coalition with their hopes and prayers for the 2012 election.  How did America become so socialized?  TCF sums up the socialization of America as the ‘untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th century of traitors, treachery and treason.  Untold and unknown because those events were censored out of the media by omission to accomplish what America’s enemy in Her midst has!

TCF commented in the Survey — why not go after all of America’s anti-American foundation-destroyers, the Constitution, instead of just their today’s leader, Obama.  If they are not all destroyed, as the 250 year history of the ‘isms’ of Fascism (of which Socialism and Communism leads that parade), and out of America’s midst, they will be back, even from the dead.  As they have for at least four times already.

Giving the Constitution the means to protect itself with the suggested Amendment to the definition of Treason, along with the People’s freedoms and rights, is the means to keep these ‘isms’ of Fascism out of America’s midst permanently for centuries.  let’s not do a piece-meal job of effortless non-accomplishment we get from our elected who are supposed to see to America’s internal security.  They cannot even be trusted!  The message of the Amendment needs to be spread far, wide, and often to make it common knowledge in order to enact it.  Join in, for America’s sake!

Toby Elster


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