Letter to The Washington Times Weekly

“PC Rules Run Amok in Colorado Day Care”, headlines writer Valerie Richardson’s article in the July 18, 2011 Washington Time NWE edition.  Colorado parents watchout!  The odor that comes from the Department of Human Services’, Child Care Divisions enumerated list of regulations proposed for micromanaging of toddler and infant classrooms comes out of the United Nations program of indoctrination of multiculturalism and borderless nations already in many of American classrooms.  That is what their ‘Peace Posters Contests’ are about, in their efforts to put America in their global government.

Event though a spokesperson, Liz McDonough, for the Colorado Department of Human Services enumerates a multitude of public hearings in their ‘lengthy process’ to evaluate the 98 page proposal, it is most likely already a done deal.  That follows the same pattern of City and State Commissions public hearing, of smokescreens to ease the public’s feelings of unwanted proposals.

She stated that the Governor has the final say, but five will get you ten that the Governor has already put his approval on the recommended regulations.  Now it is up to the parents to convince him to change his mind.  That is how bureaucratic politics work!

Toby Elster


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