Letter to the Wichita Eagle

‘New Kindergarten Schedule Heavy on Academics’ headlines Suzanne Perez Tobias’ article in the August 1, 2011 Wichita Eagle.  But where is the Americanism that builds the patriotism these youngsters need to become solid Patriotic Americans?  America has lost the patriotism of the WWII citizens.  That is why she is in an internal war to either stay great or go the way European countries are for a borderless, unworkable, system of multiculturalism of a socialistic society.

Five minutes in one of the proposed literary classes telling the youngsters of America would do wonders for the America of tomorrow.  Hillsdale College is starting a Graduate School of Statesmanship — those elected or appointed who put America first, not politicians who put themselves first and create unworkable government.  The Founders of America were all Statesmen.

If America is to return to the road of peace and prosperity, she will have to be governed by Statesmen.  It starts with a few minutes of telling young minds about America.  Now even the file photo of Mike Hutmacher, gracing the front page of a classroom, shows anything about American in that room.  “Kindergarten teachers screen students how well they recognize language and math concepts.”  That should also include events of America’s history!

Toby Elster

FOR PATRIOTIC PARENTS INTERESTED IN THEIR CHILDREN:  Check what is being taught to them.  (Color Blind Greens are those who can’t see the EPA’s and UN’s communist red in environmentalism and multiculturalism.)  They have replaced the teaching about America.  The education-socialists got control of the classroom’s curriculum, K-12, and now preschoolers, when Carter gave the Teacher’s Union their Department of Education.  The UN’s worldview for a global government is being taught in many of the schools, sans Americanism.  Children don’t grow up very patriotic if they don’t know about their America.  That patriotism was the glue that won WWII and held America together for two hundred years — until our government was taken over by our educated socialists in the 1960’s.  Things you should be aware of!



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