Thoughts to Ponder

Obama is a great Communist.  Only a great Communist can get a law passed and make both sides mad.

The Republicans did it again.  They were compromising and trusting the Democrats.  The Democrats were getting appeasement and fooling the Republicans.  How does that work?

Using Lenin’s tactics of three steps forward, two back.  It makes the dupes think they are winning, making the enemy take two steps back.

They did it again!  Recall the great computer cave-in over the 21st Century date moving from 1999-2000.  The date came and went, and no computers exploded as the media scared all.  So it was with the Debt Cap.  August 2nd could have come and gone and hardly anyone would of been aware.  America would of paid it’s bills from it’s monthly income, and no one would have known there was a Cap on the debt except the scare mongers, while the Democrats would have had to put their great spending plans on hold.

**Coming Things:  Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mi., is commencing a Graduate School of Statesmanship.  TCF asks, “Will there be enough of them?”  Starting next year, the graduate school will offer M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Statesman politics.  The difference is that a Statesman puts his County first, while a Politician puts himself first.  The Founders were all Statesmen.  We lost Statesmanship after 1900 when the Fabians came and bought their way into the Ivy League Colleges to have their Marxist socialism taught.  America would not have Her present problems of today if Statesmen were still running the government.



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