To Hillsdale College School of Statesmanship

ESP at work?  I spent a lifetime seeking where to drill a 7 7/8 inch hole to discover oil & gas as an exploration geologist.  Oil men are like sheep.  There is a find, and all flock there, leaving hundreds of square miles of potential ‘sweet spots’ behind and forgotten.  I researched a forgotten area, found a potential prospect and decided to take O&G leases.  The area hadn’t been touched for over a couple decades.  Two months before, the area had been leased.  Were my thoughts floating around to be picked up?

A couple weeks ago, I was listening to a political science professor give a luncheon talk on political science education.  I asked him why Statesmanship hadn’t been mentioned or taught for decades.  A lengthy reply followed, summed up that it wasn’t, so let it be.  The other day I received Hillsdale’s update with introducation of Hillsdale’s coming “Graduate School of Statesmanship”.  Congratulations and the best of luck.  Hopefully, there will be many zeros behind the number of students and you wake up many others to follow in Hillsdale’s footsteps.  As important as the other efforts to rebuild America’s stature, fortitude, patriotism, and power, Statesmanship has an important part to play in the rebuilding and seeing that this doesn’t happen in America again.  America’s current political situation is not a political fight, but an internal war to determine which way America goes.  A lack of Statesmanship is a prime cause for the situation.  Statesmanship came under attack in America under Woodrow Wilson and was lynched by FDR, to be replaced by their Socialism’s ways.

What happened to America, the Constitutional Foundation sums up as ‘America’s untold and unknown political history of Her 20th Century of the three T’s: Traitors, Treachery, & Treason”, by many who were elected to practice ‘statesmanship’ instead of undermining Her foundation — the Constitution.  Untold, so consequently unknown, because on purpose for obvious reasons, it was censored out of the media by omission since approximately 1915.  And it still is!  The media is not biased, per se, but one of America’s great Traitors.  Honesty should be a canon of freedom of the press.

In TCF’s research, starting in 1970 when I accidentally discovered America’s Enemy Within actively undermining America’s foundation, the minds, beside the usual, of the enemy in our midst, was also researched to find answers to questions as such, why it was done, how and who, and just as important, why the socialization of America couldn’t be stopped or wasn’t.  TCF also understands how and why the ‘isms’ of Fascism, of which Socialism and then Communism are usually the leaders, may arise from the dead.  And it has at least four times in it’s 250 year history.  The understanding of America’s enemy in Her midst led us to the Constitution for a solution and realizing that the Constitution does not have a means to protect itself.  Evidently the Founders believed the patriotism of America would remain ever so strong as it did through WWII — but they were wrong.  They underestimated the power of evil giving candy to people with false promises whose minds are blank.

What America faces today is the tenacity of evil who can see their objectives culmination with a little more effort.  To stop them, and stop them permanently, they must be destroyed.  If not they will be back, sooner or later.  Statesmanship plays a big part in that.  The Fouders, of course were all Statesmen who put America first.  Today, America’s government are all politicians who put themselves first.  That means, and answers why the greed and corruption of today, legal or otherwise, comes at the people’s expense and America’s welfare.  The will and patriotism of the people has been damaged to the point that the insanity of allowing the enemy in our midst to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution is ignored.  So is the Oath of Office by our elected or appointed, to the point that perjury, as an offense, has become void.  Considering the fact that no war, internal or otherwise, can be won with an enemy in our midst, the solution to America’s ideological anti-American problem requires an attack of destroying the enemy, and destroying them permanently.  Putting band aids on a cancer doesn’t cure anything.  Those who make up the three T’s: Traitors, Treachery, and Treason must be de-powered, silenced, and forever.  That is the solution for America to win the internal war and return America to the Founder’s principles.

The Constitutional Foundation brings America’s unknown situation to your attention for the student’s knowledge.  Having a solution as a goal is a must to keep fighting — for America’s sake.  TCF’s efforts are toward awakening Patriotic America that their is a solution and how to attain it!

Toby Elster


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