To The American Cause

Forgive us if we inadvertently slight your knowledge and understanding of America’s problem with Her foreign ideologists in our midst.  But this ‘awakening’ goes to numerous Conservative and Veteran organizations to move America into a permanent solution against America’s anti-American Constitution-destroyers.

In the Constitutional Foundation’s 40 years of researching ‘what went wrong with America’, finding answers, studing the enemy’s mind, and now a solution to rid America of Her foreign ideological enemy in our midst, we have a question.  Why, in over 60 years of Conservatives putting band aids on America’s cancer, and making little progress, still do it?  The consequences of that, as we all should know now, finally made America, as Stalin ruled the USSR, with an administration full of Communists.  OH YES they are!!!  TCF has been saying that ever since Obama gave his first campaign speech.  TCF knew exactly what his ‘change’ meant and tried to spread the word.  Today, numerous people are saying Obama is a Communist.  He is trying to destroy American culture — Americanism– as Lenin destroyed the Czar’s Russia, and we feel sure you know why.

As mentioned in “America Needs Internal Security”, we set out the suggested amendment to the Constitution’s definition of Treason, the solution to America’s enemy within Her midst problem.  When the amendment is enacted it will give the Constitution the means to protect itself, the people the means to protect their freedoms, rights, private property, Rule of Law, among others.  And just as important, it does it for centuries.  The enemy must be destroyed, and destroyed for good or he will be back.  Perhaps you don’t realize it.  That this enemy of the ‘isms’ of Fascism, of which Socialism and Communism leads them all, has risen from the dead at least four times in it’s 250 year history.  That human trait of evil is an inherent obsession of those elitists who have all the answers to the world’s problems.  The man who started it was going to bring happiness to the people of the world.  Only the ‘inner circle’ knew they planned to rule the world.  The consequences of that movement was the French Revolution!  If those evil minds aren’t stopped before they get started, it will happen again.  The Amendment is the means to stop them before they can try again.  No more allowing an enemy in America’s midst to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution as has happened during the 20th Century of Traitors, Treachery and Treason.

TCF sums up that Century as ‘The untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the Three T’s: Traitors, Treachery and Treason.”  The amendment, enacted, will bring that to an end.  Untold and consequently unknown because it has been censored out of America’s socialized media by omission since approximately 1915.

Help spread this message far, wide, and often!

Toby Elster


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