To the Center for Security Policy

It was the article on the Gay Marriage Ban in the Wall St. Journal that brought the CSP to your attention.  TCF does not address the gay issue by your sentiments don’t differ from ours.  The Constitutional Foundation is centered of America’s Internal Security, moving to stop the destruction of America’s foundation, Her Constitution.

TCF was founded from a 40 year plus research addressing America’s internal threat from Her foreign ideology, anti-American undermining of Americanism by the nefarious, seditious enemy in our midst.  The only solution to their beliefs is their destruction.  TCF’s research has led to that solution.

We have researched and found the problem.  It is the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of traitors, treachery and Treason by those who destroy American culture, mores, economic strength and might for their beliefs for a socialistic global government of the United Nations.  Why unknown and untold?  Since 1915, it has been censored out of the media by omission by America’s Socialist-controlled media.  Not only is the public’s mind vacant of the events, as it was planned, it takes repetition to get them to believe it.

The offered solution to the destroyers of Americanism came out of TCF’s researching the depths of all facets of Socialism or the ‘isms’ of fascism.  Their 250 year history of activity along with why the Conservatives, with 60 years of trying, couldn’t stop the socialization of America.  From that knowledge it becomes necessary that any solution must be a permanent one that stands up strong against the enemy for centuries.  In the history of Fascism, the enemy has risen at least four times from the dead.  And there is always going to be those whose egotism tells them they can rule the world.  While Fascism and it’s derivatives is the only form of government these wannabes can use to even try.  That is what America is facing today!  The reason for Her internal war which the winner will decide which way America goes.  TCF moves to destroy the enemy in our midst.  Patriotic Americans must help.

We must amend the Constitution’s definition of Treason.  It will give the Constitution the means to protect itself, and We, the people, the means to protect our freedoms, rights, private property and Rule of Law.  Amending the Constitution’s definition of Treason brings the Constitution’s treatment of Treason into the 21st Century to serve America in Her dire need today!

Toby Elster


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