Accuracy in Media Letter

TCF was a recipient of Accuracy in Media’s Vol. 3 of ‘Why You Can’t Trust the News”.  Cliff Kincaid’s August 18, 2009, “Media Corruption and the Two Party System” deserves some comment, reviewing Richard Wolffe’s book, ‘Renegage’.  “We have been treated to a new dishonest book,” states Kincaid, and goes on to state what the book didn’t say — about Obama’s communist upbringing and the influence on him by one know Communist, Frank Davis, had on his life.

Unfortunately, AIM refers to the socialized media is ‘biased’.  TCF says they progressed far beyond that, are one of America’s greatest traitors because they h ave and still practice outright censorship by omission.  When has the media ever mentioned the socialization of America by America’s ‘high and mighty’?  TCF refers to that as the ‘Untold and Unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the three T’s of destruction: Traitors, Treachery, and Treason.”  The media has never published a word of that or about America’s enemy in Her midst.  TCF believes that political correctness is untruthful, an enemy tactic, and stating that the media is biased is P.C. in this case and misleading.

TCF writes of the ‘high and mighty’ of the U.N.’s globalist government beliefs.  They do not promote it to rule the world, only to make sure that their policies benefits them and are protected by the taxpayer’s dollars.  Of the big business believers, the term competition is not in their vocabulary.  Theses ‘high and mighty’ influence both political parties to make sure who gets elected while destroying those who they can’t influence.  There mode of operation in summary:

The first was Woodrow Wilson, a Progressive and Fabian Marxist, put in nomination in place of another (undesirable for the high and mighty’s purpose).  Next came the 1932 election. Al Smith, a Catholic, was challenging FDR for the nomination.  The media joined in, “Good God! A Catholic for President?!?”

The worst was probably Harry S. Truman.  When he succeeded FDR, he was by Oath, supposed to clean up the Communist mess.  Had he, he would have stopped the socialization of America.  Instead, he chose to serve the ‘high and mighty’ and vilified a Senator, Joe McCarthy, who was trying to tell the people what FDR had done abetting Soviet Communism.

And so it still goes.  LBJ was their man.  Goldwater was a No! No! Never! The ‘high and mighty’ turned the media loose on him.  ‘A vote for Goldwater will put us in a war in Vietnam’.  I voted for Goldwater, LBJ won, and we still ended up in a war in Vietnam!  Carter was their lap dog.  Clinton served them.  They couldn’t stop Reagan, so during his administration it was half the ‘high and mighty’s’ men trying to do damage control.

Those organizations that became too influential with the truths they destroyed with their attack dogs and the media.  The John Birch Society, they gave the media an opening, and with half truths, they crucified him.  The Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, who could put 70,000 people in a stadium for a speech on what Communism was, they turned the ADL on them with the media.  The Conservatives, trying to change Congress was never a threat.  The ‘high and mighty’ had plenty of our turncoats in their pockets. So America today has a White House full of Communists — Oh yes they are, they just don’t use bullets to kill their opposition — destroying America into a socialized, has-been power for the U.N. to dictate to.

AIM says the media is biased.  TCF knows different and broadcasts that the media are traitors, using censorship by omission to hide America’s enemy within our midst.  And that is an introduction into the ‘Untold and Unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of Traitors, Treachery, and Treason, destroying America.”  To save America, the people must know about it.

The Constitutional Foundation, against expert advice, exposed the socialization of America.  It has moved forward with the solution to destroy America’s enemy within and making possible the return to America’s principles and greatness — back to the road of peace and prosperity.  Not for just the next election, or a decade, but permanently.  That is a must.  Socialism rises from the dead — the insanity of doing what never works, over and over and over!

Toby Elster


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