To Mr. J.C. Watts

Your talk in Wichita, Ks was fantastic.  How do we get 1,000 people giving that speech?  I’ll try to be brief but saving America is anything but brief.  What Americans also need is why you even have to give such a speech on Americanism.  I recall America from the day that was true.  That was the pre-1950 America.

In 1970, after finding out what I learned in military intelligence school was actually occurring.  That America had an enemy in Her midst working to destroy America’s foundation of her culture, political and Constitutional sturdiness and patriotic cement that made her great.  Curiosity drove me to find out how they did it and who was responsible.  What I found out is summarized in the following — ‘The Untold and Unknown political history of America’s 2oth Century of the three T’s of destruction: Traitors, Treachery, and Treason by the ‘High and Mighty’.  Also researched was why, after over 60 years of trying, the Conservative efforts of stopping the socialization of America was ineffective and America ended up with a White House full of Communist — and believe us, they are!  They accomplish their objectives the same way that Stalin and Lenin did, except for getting rid of their opposition with a bullet.  Those in the Administration and their followers, the useful idiots, are America’s enemy in our midst.  Their activity and their predecessors are the reason you have to give the speech that you do.  They are of the anti-American foreign ideology of Marxist Socialism and movers for America to enter the U.N.’s desires for a global government.  Their activity has been censored out of the media by omission since approximately 1915.  They began to socialize America through our education system in 1899.  And they have controlled it since the 1950s.

Amending the Constitution, as we have been suggesting, will give the people the means to protect and guard their freedoms, rights, private property, and Rule of Law.  That will be the incentive to see that the Republic doesn’t get undermined again by a foreign ideology.  American ingenuity depends on those principles.

Toby Elster


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