Mountain States Legal Foundation – per Illegal Immigration

The Constitutional Foundation agrees these illegal immigrants must be stopped.  LBJ, when he opened the border to them, thereby giving illegal aliens a defacto visa to come, must cease.  The illegals already here should be scrutinized, and the undesirables and anti-Americans removed.  The Arizona law is a good start.  But Arizona also needs to clean it’s schools out of the anti-American La Razas who educated trouble makers.

Two items that just crossed my desk: 1) The FBI is investigating Obama’s birth history.  2) The Supreme Court agreed to hear one of 18 lawsuits as to proof of Obama’s citizenship.  Regardless of what comes from it, that doesn’t address America’s real problem of these anti-American Constitution-destroyers.  We, the people have a cabal full of Communists running the Administration who are destroying — ON PURPOSE — Americanism for their Marxist-Socialism of the UN’s global government.

That was addressed in a letter to the Southeastern Legal Foundation.  Consider the suggested amendment of the Constitution.  This would amend the definition of Treason to bring it into the 21st century.  It gives us a permanent solution of longevity to prevent the current attacks on Americanism from ever happening again.  Those attacks are not a political fight.  That is America’s Internal War to determine which way America goes, back to Her Founders’ principles or into the United Nations’ global government.  The Economist Magazine (August 13, 2011) recognizes it as such.  Where American minds are in only disbelief that such could happen to America.

For America

Toby Elster


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